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Catching Up with Consult Wadleigh – News and trends over the past two years as we return from a long semi-hiatus.

It has been a very long time since any of you have heard from us via this format – who knows if even anyone will read this as we are even after the passage of a few years in a different age of media. Blog posts are becoming quite a thing of the past as everyone is plugged ever more directly into some curated platform – most of which are entirely no bloody good for you anyway! However here is where you can find some crucial information that until I start posting audio on soundcloud will likely be your best source of insight.

As some of you may know we had become a little famous or even infamous for our assistance to clients mainly from Taiwan but with an ever increasing arc in obtaining admission to great university graduate programs in the US and elsewhere around the world. In these years long since we no longer are found anywhere near the top of google search (or anywhere there!), parted company with Sofi, and changed almost every aspect of the way we do business, we have continued to work our magic in assisting clients to find themselves in the programs of their dreams at great universities.

Our semi-hiatus meant that we no longer promoted our business, but relied upon word-of-mouth and personal recommendations to connect with new clients. That was in part planned and in part chance. In these past few years, I have become a father of the most wonderful little boy in the world. I also lost my own father and was saddled with the headache of a long estate process brought on by the malfeasance of my father’s legal representation. Personal matters also continued to intrude and take all precedence over our work here much to my regret. I made a decision to support my wife in her career, however at last I realized that my respect and support was not being reciprocated in the least and that it would be my son who would suffer the most from that. Thus, our long planned return to fully active status has finally been achieved. I have missed helping the number of people that we used to. Nonetheless, as I mentioned, we have been working our magic all these years anyway – it was simply spread among a much smaller pool of clients.

A lot of changes have happened in the world of study abroad since our days of maintaining three dozen active applications cases at any given time a few years ago. Several of these changes have directly impacted not only our business but the well-being and future of our clients both past and potential. When Trump was elected president and Brexit was voted through by a narrow margin both the US and England became increasingly hostile towards foreigners in general, but even our rather well-heeled and traditionally welcomed clients seeking positions in graduate schools studying abroad found life had become much harder. Of course that continues to be true today. In addition, the States, and to a lesser degree England, have become much more dangerous for our clients – it even occurred that one client was robbed at gunpoint near Berkeley! Who would ever have imagined such events even a few years ago? Add to these dangers the difficulties of obtain visas both for study and internships and subsequent employment and what you have is a situation that is just not what anyone would hope for. Socially and culturally the US in particular is entirely volatile and it is a place where if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you could end up in jail and be assigned the label of “foreign agent.” You will need to stay neutral and stay aloof of those cultural wars to reach your goals studying abroad.

To be honest, unless you are filled with a true burning desire to pursue your dreams at a school of your choice in the US or UK I would generally advise against it. It worries me to send clients into circumstances where they could easily meet harm. What is required of our clients today is a new kind of heroism to follow their dreams, not just a fun venture abroad to mundanely upgrade their job skills. You need to have a particular clarity of vision and purpose along with strong self-belief to succeed in the face of all these dangers and obstacles. As always Wadleigh Consulting will be your friend and offer the best advice possible on your journey and stay abroad.

{BREAKING NEWS: On Sept. 10th or 11th, it was reported that the stringent rules that barred graduates from remaining in the UK to live and work are to be cancelled! Thus, from next year those enrolling and completing a degree in the UK can stay on another two years! }

Meanwhile, our clientele has spread to the four winds and we have been sending clients to a much broader list of destinations for study and work. You can take advantage of this knowledge we have gained to head to a special destination that will fulfill your dreams.

Another area of change for Wadleigh Consulting has been a much greater involvement with academic article editing and perfection of business copy and social media messaging. In the past few years increasing numbers of researchers are finding our services and gaining from them in a variety of fields. At this stage I am planning to open a full consultancy office here in Phnom Penh when possible where I have been residing for years, and offering services not only to the Chinese speaking world but to clients anywhere and everywhere. We ceased our registry of business in Hong Kong for the past two years – mainly because of a dodgy accountant there. In these years I personally have gained a lot of insight into property development and real estate, business marketing and genetics in addition to further developing our strengthens in editing for arts, history, humanities, law and particularly HCI. We have edited a number of articles in HCI alone which were accepted by the highest authorities and conferences in that field.

So, we are full of new experience and skills ready to serve you and assist you to achieve everything that you set out to do. We look forward to hear from you and accompanying you on your journey!

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