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We provide high-quality personalized translation, proofreading and editing services for individuals, academia and business

Price List

Proofreading, Editing & Translation

All written cases are assessed for the merits of each document’s composition.

General English Proofreading and Editing Service

rates range from $0.01 to $0.035 per word based on merit

Academic Essay Writing (including IELTS task 1&2)

Basic Proofreading base rate of $0.027 per word based on merit

Special tutorial consultation may be scheduled at your request ($20 per session)

Academic Articles and Theses Proofreading and Editing Full Service

base rate of $0.035 per word based on merit

  Regular 7-10 Working Days Expedited 3-5 days Urgent 24 to 36 hours
Up to 300 words  $18  $22  $26
 301 to 600 words  $26  $34  $42
 601 to 1000 words  $36  $49  $62

Documents of greater than 1000 words are subject to negotiation on the aforementioned rate.

Academic Articles and Theses Tutorial and Editing Package

Negotiable — base rate of $0.035 per word based on merit

Academic Applications Document Proofreading and Editing Service

Fees for all documents start at a base rate of $0.04 or $0.05 per word depending upon the type of document.

CVs and Secondary Documents

Regular   Expedited  Urgent
 Up to 300 words  $22  $28  $34
 301 to 600 words  $34  $46  $58
 601 to 1000 words  $50  $70  $90

Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Letters of Motivation and Specialized Essays

  Regular 3-5 Days  36~72hrs   24~36 hrs 24 hrs or less  ASAP 
 Up to 400 words  $34  $44  $54  $68  $85  $102
 401 to 800 words  $54  $74  $94  $108  $135  $162
 801 to 1200 words  $74  $104  $134  $148  $185  $222
 1201 to 1600 words  $94  $134  $174  $188  $235  $282
 1601 to 2000 words  $114  $164  $214  $228  $285  $342
 2001 to 2400 words  $134  $194  $254  $268  $335  $402

After evaluating your document, we will accept a limited number of such single document cases. However, the only cases that be accepted are those where you, the client, specify in detail, in advance, all of your requirements. Also we will not accept any manner of bargaining on these cases and will only carry out our service at the price we quote for you. Any response to the contrary is grounds for our summary dismissal of the case at hand. Moreover, failure of you, the client, to provide information required by us – either in advance or after editing has begun – which is necessary to provide you with a professional document, will result in immediate suspension of your case and immediate billing for all work completed, or rejection of said case.

Additionally, you may send us questions in regard to your documents, request a sample edit of a few sentences or less but our answers and samples provided will all be posted on our blog site (without including any personal information of those who submitted the question to us, of course). However, we will not be obliged to give an explanation of the full reason nor the grammatical correctness of our editing. If you don’t trust our service / respect our professional integrity don’t choose us!

Please note: We have dealt with many urgent cases. All documents must be submitted to us at the agreed date. Failure to do so, could result in our rejection of the case summarily or classifying it as an urgent case with additional fees.

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