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We provide high-quality personalized translation, proofreading and editing services for individuals, academia and business


So you are thinking of going to university abroad? Need to know what to do? Or are you already to apply but just have no idea about how to write your SoP? Whatever it is I am sure we can help you as we have helped hundreds of other successful applicants over the years.

General Consultations

We offer consulting services in regard to whatever may be your question regarding the use of language. While consultations regarding specific academic application documents like SoPs or Diversity Essays, as well as advice about academic research papers are most popular, we also can assist you regarding a wide range of topics including preparation for academic or professional interviews, best translation into or from any number of languages, preparation for presentations in English, best word choice in English copy of advertisements / commercial purposes, appropriate language in English for a legal or medical document, and teaching of language.

Consultation Package for Graduate School Applicants

This is suitable for applicants to universities and graduate schools abroad, mainly for PhD level, but also including those complex or extremely competitive Master’s level programs that require more time and effort both on our part and yours. If you will certainly have admissions interviews, need to seek funding, or have a complex writing sample or portfolio to prepare this is the package for you. It also includes advice on and proofreading of correspondence with potential professors and academic advisers prior to applying. This package offers you up to 3 hours consultation, including an initial consultation to help clarify your school list, application strategy, and coaching on how to better write your SoP and other documents. This level of client qualifies you to purchase a discounted editing package(s) from us on follow up editing services on your documents. Currently, we are offering a free package of three redrafts of under 200 words with your membership fee.
$100 package for at least 2 hours consultation

Please note: We do not create documents for clients; we only help our clients to create and complete their own document to the best represent them when applying to schools abroad.

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