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Proofreading, Editing & Translations


Often our clients don’t know what to expect when it comes to proofreading and editing. Our services in this regard are adaptive to the levels of skills of the clients. On the rare occasion some clients have submitted a document to us that we found to be nearly flawless – such documents we merely give our stamp of approval and return free of charge. Others have advanced writing skills but due to a lack of time they perhaps need a new set of eyes to proofread and perfect the text correcting spelling and minor grammar errors. Such cases are assessed based on our price chart then assigned a discount which is compensatory to the acumen of our client’s skills. However, the majority of our clients submit documents that are in need of a thorough editing process. This includes not only the form and correctness of the writing but a deep consideration of the logic and cultural constructs present in the writing.

For example, in the case of an admissions document, if a client submits an SoP that states “I am applying for this degree program because my parents / professor think it is a great idea” then we will return this to you and explain that that is not considered a valid reason / strong motivation for the content of an SoP submitted to a Western university. Our editing process offers you guidance to find the real motivations that inspire you to pursue your goals that will be respected and admired by an admissions committee at a western educational institution. As time allows we will continue to polish a draft to its optimal form, so that our clients submit the best version of not only their documents but the best accounting of themselves to earn admission on their true merits.

Likewise, if we assist you with your thesis proofreading and editing, we will point out weaknesses in the logic or argument being forwarded in that thesis to the best of our abilities given our understanding of the subject matter. Moreover we will urge you to make your points clear not only to specialist readers but to more general readers thus improving the degree of communication in whatever article you are composing.


When it comes to translation projects we have great experience in a range of translations in the humanities and sciences. There is a tendency among translation services in Asia to only give a mechanical translation of a document statement by statement which in some cases renders the document incoherent because they has been no buffer between cultural forms and expression nor any filtering of what content to render the document coherent and attractive to a native speaker of the target language. To be honest in some cases our translations outshine the original drafts in communication clearly and elegantly the thoughts being conveyed by the author. Our job is to express optimally your ideas in a second language. Thus, our team will translate your document fully from Chinese to a level of fluency, logic and expression that can only be achieved by a native speaking, professional linguist.

For general or academic purposes

Chinese to English
$.07 per character

English to Chinese
Prices negotiable — On a case by case basis we accept such translation cases, but not typically business-oriented ones, as other agencies specialize in this subfield.

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