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We provide high-quality personalized translation, proofreading and editing services for individuals, academia and business


This service is for students of written English who seek a tutorial service to improve their writing standard and skills. We offer two types of service: either a correction service or “hinting and revision” writer and editor process. This means that just like a writer of some book who is engaged with an editor that will critique and offer hints for improvement so will be the process of interaction between the client and our editor. That process you can request by asking for the tutorial package which requires and includes instructional consultations.

English Skills Tutorial / Ielts Preparation

This is online teaching about the skills needed for passing the Ielts or other examinations, improving one’s writing or speaking abilities. In particularly, our chief editor Robert Wadleigh can assist you; he was a well-known private Ielts tutor in Taipei specializing in assisting clients to improve their scores to achieve the bandwidth necessary to take up conditional offers at universities in the UK prior to departing Taiwan. In addition our associates have a range of skills in their fields and can help you with specialized improvement and preparation for the language challenges that you may face.

$20 per hour

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