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Wadleigh Consulting Co. Ltd. HK offers full service online consultations in regard to any usage of language for academic or commercial purposes. For years we have excelled at assisting clients to bridge the cultural gap in their communications, through study abroad educational and business consulting services that include proofreading, editing, translation, thesis and business research assistance as well as culturally strategic interview coaching and test preparation tutorials. Our clients have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in prestigious scholarships, gained admission into top-tier universities worldwide, and won key targeted business accounts. From the English-speaking to the Chinese-speaking world, and beyond into all of Asia, we can guide you in achieving your goals.


Wadleigh Language Consulting Ltd. Co. was officially founded in Hong Kong in October of 2013 by Robert and Sofi (Chiang) Wadleigh. However it had several predecessors including “Sofi and Rob’s Language Assistance” -- with which most of our previous clients were familiar. “Sofi & Rob’s” originally was a private enterprise created by Robert Wadleigh and Sofi Chiang in Taiwan in the fall of 2011 that itself served as a successor to Bayan Foreign Language Consulting Agency, Rob's own official business that was opened in Taipei City in 2009 and closed in December of 2010. (Being taxed three times on every dollar of income is just not a feasible way to do business!) In the spring of the following year Sofi and Rob met under very romantic circumstances and later married much later than they should have been. Their catalogue of casework and advice is still showcased on their blog site: sofi1rob.blogspot.com / www.sofi1rob.net.

While editing and translation of academic application documentation was the mainstay of their business, in which they helped around a thousand clients over the total five year period, they also completed a number of major translation projects including and ranging among diverse subjects from a museum exhibition on Taiwan Native Music Traditions, a full book on the Love Advice gleaned from Don Quixote and a professional research report on the PRC's Energy Policy and its implementation in Central Asia just to name a few. Scores of academic articles and around a hundred theses were honed to near perfection in that time by them and their associates. While Robert was chief editor, Sofi was lead translator, business director and social media & communications chief.

Over the years they were assisted by a dozen or more colleagues from various fields mostly under the auspices of Wadleigh Consulting. During those five years they lived and worked mainly in Taipei and later in Phnom Penh, with significant periods spent also in Korea and Hong Kong. They ended their professional partnership in the summer of 2016. Sofi changed career paths and has become employed by a major property development company in Phnom Penh that originated in China. However she does still do some moonlighting as a translator and billing accounts during our restructuring. (Note: Despite the end of Sofi & Rob’s any discount vouchers or service agreements made with the clients of Sofi & Rob’s will be accepted and upheld in our new iteration.)

I, Robert Brian Wadleigh, have continued operating Wadleigh Language Consulting ever since while overhauling our entire business. I am aiming to better fulfill my vision for this company. We are now ready to be of service to anyone in the world rather than just a small niche demographic based in Taiwan. Despite growing beyond our old studio, I will continue to be available to and to be in contact with each and every client so long as that is possible while training our associates to offer a similar person-to-person service in which we truly understand the needs of each and every client and do our very best to give them optimal results.

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